brain candy

the-great-blizzard-of-2014Fifteens minutes, then the flakes turned to drizzle.

My first semester of law school ended a week and a half ago, and it’s already faded from memory. I’m drunk on the elixir of free time!

I have two more weeks to catch up on all things not-law-school, immerse myself in the holidays, plan for Nina’s birthday, welcome a dear friend for her annual New Year’s visit. There are books to read, podcasts to listen to, recipes to play with, museums to visit, toys and hats and mitts to knit, movies to watch, television series to finish and new ones to begin. If I read a New Yorker a day, I’ll be just caught up on the ever-growing stack next to our couch.

I don’t need to take notes on any of the above-mentioned things. No outlining or self-quizzing will happen in the next two weeks. My brain is free to wander off on as many tangents as it likes. My catch-up list is just a starting point; I might chuck it all for a Gilmore Girls marathon with Nina.


Here’s where my brain has wandered lately; a bit of brain candy.

-A favorite song by my second favorite Nina in the world. The short version here (with a fantastic video and audio mix by Sakis Han). The long version here.

-If you’ve watched the final scene of this movie as often as I have and wondered if Celine’s moves are true to Ms. Simone’s, at around 3:15 of the long version, you’ll have your answer.

-And since we’re on the subject, my very un-romantic, sentimentality-eschewing self swoons at this song.

-How I intend to make a dent in my glass jar stash. Maybe next winter, maybe for Christmas in July. Gingerbread terrariums.

-This series of photographs.

-Postponing re-reads of Salinger and Franzen to dig into Atwood’s latest.

-What I suspect it’s like to have a conversation with either me or Nina. Two Loraleis under the same roof can be exhausting. (Not for Nina and I, but probably everyone who gets caught in our frantic/manic energy field.)

16037652746_32f605caef_oOur total snowfall that morning.