Garden update + our house toast

So, when the rain came in and drowned a bunch of our plants back in June and July, Nina and I decided to start a bunch of new plants, knowing they might not grow at all, and they certainly wouldn’t get big enough to flower. Then this happened.

eggplant.bloomIt only took seven weeks, but my eggplants bloomed!
Thai.peppersSame goes for this Thai chili pepper.
oh pumpkins.too little too late!Don’t get me started on these pumpkins. At least they survived the squash borer infestation. . .

Now we’re boo hoo hooing that these plants are in bloom, but will probably not have time to fruit. We knew this might happen, but still. It feels so unfair! (Excuse me while I play my tiny violin of self-pity.) Of course, my freakshow watermelon patch has taken over our property.

watermelon.invastionEven the chickens are spooked because the vines are spreading so fast. Good to know global warming is good for something.

There were also some rosemary shenanigans, but I’ll save that for another garden update.

This weekend, Nina came down with the annual back-to-school virus. Because of course we had a jam-packed weekend. A long overdue museum visit, a birthday party, shoe shopping, fancy cookie recipes and maybe a pie. None of it happened.

Here are the highlights of our weekend of forced relaxation: big bowls of simple chickpeas simmered with garlic and fresh bay leaves; elbow macaroni smothered in nutchy sauces; apples dipped in homemade maple sunbutter; baby watermelons. We’ll do anything to halt the invasion. Basically, a lot of comfort eating. We watched Short Circuit. (A good thing; Nina loved it.) My attempts to show her Super 8 were foiled. (Also a good thing; it would have scared the bejeezus out of her.) I finally read Joyland, cover to cover. (Loved it.)

baby.hybrid.watermelonWe planted seed we saved ourselves and ended up with some hybrids.
hybrid.wedgeReally wishing I’d kept track of which two varieties produced this melon.

There was also a lot of toast. This toast, a couple of times a day. If we were a restaurant, this would be our house toast.

TOAST!coconut.cinnamon.sugarCoconut, turbinado sugar and cinnamon.

Select your favorite toasting bread. Lightly spread each slice with coconut oil. Sprinkle liberally with a pinch of turbinado sugar. Dust with cinnamon. Broil until fragrant and toasty.


2 thoughts on “Garden update + our house toast

  1. I feel your gardening pain! Mine is typically self-inflicted, though. Despite my best intentions, I rarely start growing veggies from seeds early enough. Each year I start a little earlier than the last, though, so I figure I’ll have it down by the time the next decade rolls around. Anyway, at least you got to see some beautiful blooms!


    • We definitely went through a learning curve figuring out which seeds to start when. Nothing does well indoors, so we cobbled a cold frame/greenhouse together. This summer was the first time I started tomatoes, peppers and summer squash early enough to get them in the ground before summer pests and torrential rains arrived, and now I’m swimming in tomatoes!



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