Nina randomness + film notes

Pic-08222013-002Someone just found out her kindergarten boyfriend is going to be in her first grade classroom.
9164385124_bc8ce93f71_b 9162162705_43a4cd0e9d_b 9162162747_62f3dce48b_bShe loves chia pudding so much that she made a series of video tutorials for her cousins this summer while we were camping.

  • When something looks/sounds/appears scary and she wants to avoid it, she labels it as being “too Voldemorty.”
  • When she pretends something looks/sounds/appears scary and she’s really just trying to put off going to bed, she labels it “inappropriate for children.” It is her Malkovitch-oreo-cookie tell.

Film notes:

This summer our movie viewing has been hijacked by re-watching every episode of Breaking Bad, but we’ve managed to also watch a few movies here and there. (When we’re not sucked into episodic television, we average five films a week.) I track most of them online but I’m horrible at reviewing them in a timely manner; and when someone asks me what I thought about a film I’d like to be able to say more than “meh” or “avoid it like the plague” or “watch it or I’ll never talk to you again!” So, a few film notes.

The standouts:
Martha Marcy May Marlene // Mary Last Seen Haunting; made me feel emotionally claustrophobic. Sarah Paulson was every bit as amazing as Elizabeth Olsen. The short film Mary Last Seen (made before the full length feature, and exploring the same themes) affected me even more.
Haywire Hard to describe because I don’t want to pigeonhole it, but you’ll know within 15 minutes if this is for you or not. One of my favorites by Soderbergh.
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Carell : this movie as Carrey : Man on the Moon. Kiera Knightley, you’re off my shit list. The words “bucket list” used to make me twitchy; thank you, Rob Corddry, for changing that.
Upstream Color No, it’s not like Primer. Yes, it’s disorienting. And beautiful and confusing and moving and if you don’t pay 100% attention to this it will make your brain hurt. If you do pay full attention it will still make your brain hurt, but in a good way.
Happy People: A Year in the Taiga Who am I kidding – I cannot give an objective review of anything Herzog, because my husband took me to a Herzog film on our first date.

Films I didn’t care for upon viewing but have grown on me since:
Midnight in Paris Rachel McAdams made me want to turn this off a thousand times; Michael Sheen made me want to replay all of his scenes over and over again. I try so hard to see Owen Wilson as anyone other than a person who wanted to off themselves over Kate Hudson. To Woody Allen’s credit, this movie almost accomplished that.
Zero Dark Thirty Glad I stuck it out to the end, although I doubt I’ll ever watch it again.

Guilty pleasure films I enjoyed for reasons other than plot, good acting or directing:
The Cabin in the Woods This took me so far back to my 80s childhood movie collection that every time I saw Bradley Whitford on screen, his Too Cool license plate from Adventures in Babysitting flashed before my eyes. It also made me want to re-watch Friday the 13th Part VII.
Star Trek Into Darkness My experience while watching this film: Mickey Smith! RoboCop! And then BAM, I was Cumberbatched.
X2 Watched this with Nina, and she was quite taken with “the little blue fella.” I see a new comic book collection in her future.
Elysium As soon as I realized Diego Luna and Alice Braga were both in this, I just sat back and enjoyed it for the overblown popcorn flick that it was.

Films so awful my eyes bled:
The Lone Ranger No. Just, no.
Beautiful Creatures Mute your television and pretend you’re in the gothic South while doing anything but paying attention to this horrible, horrible movie.
Collateral Damage Thanks to this movie, my husband experienced his first Two Thumbs Up burn.


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