Cleaning up after Mother

Nature, that is.  She’s been on a bit of a tear and my poor alliums are thoroughly confused by this winter’s pendulous swings in temperature and intermittent heavy rains.  I lost dozens of garlic and onion bulbs to root rot a couple of years ago thanks to similar weather, and I don’t intend to let it happen again.  With bunches of green garlic and onions plucked up from all over the farm, I’m happily eating my way through one of Mother’s mood swings.

Green garlic, kale and pumpkin seed pesto

1 stalk green garlic, roots trimmed off
2-3 kale leaves, center stem removed
1-2 tablespoons raw, hulled pumpkin seeds
splash of olive oil
salt and white pepper to taste

cooked quinoa
spring onion, thinly sliced

Whir the garlic, kale, pumpkin seeds and olive oil together in a food processor – or better yet, pound it out with a mortar and pestle – and season to taste with salt and pepper.  Toss with steamed quinoa.  Top with sliced spring onions.  Resist the urge to devour immediately, and savor: the hint of grass inherent to quinoa as it pops between your teeth, mingling with the subtle sweetness of the green garlic and the sharpness of the spring onions.


3 thoughts on “Cleaning up after Mother

  1. These are the kinds of things that make me very much wish I was in the Carolinas and not in Maine. Green garlic, kale, and green onion…. Not May treats here. Then again, maybe if I’d gotten my booty in gear in April some of them might be. Alas. Not I.


  2. Holy cow, this sounds insanely delicious. And crazy good for you too, especially in cold/stuffy head season. I put quinoa in my veggie burgers and for some reason, this has made me fall out of the habit of actually cooking bowls of it to eat! It’s so satisfying though, especially in winter. I’m jumping back on the bowl bandwagon immediately. Thanks for the inspiration! ;D



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