Brought to you by the letter R

Letter R, oh how I love you. Let me list thy ways:


An illustration by graphic designer Diego Gutiérrez for those of you who just skimmed the above list of words and didn’t think about what they mean in the context of our blatant consumerism:

An aside: I saw Salatin talk last night and don’t have the energy to rehash the good, the bad, and the ugly. But one of the points he (very briefly) hit on was about the cost of buying local/organic/fresh vs. processed/convenience/fast foods. It’s a valid concern for people in many, many communities. But, the cost of food notwithstanding, he asked us to consider what non-food items we (and others) purchase that we don’t need.

Tongue halfway in cheek, I immediately shouted out “Apple products!” Of all the shocked and pissed off death glares that shot in my direction (there were some laughs, too), the one that surprised me most was from a kid who couldn’t have been more than nine years old. Kids these days.

Seriously.  If that had been my daughter giving someone a dirty look for suggesting she didn’t “need” her electronic gizmos, it would be a long ride home discussing the definition of the word need.  And if she still tried to convince me she “needs” any of that shit, I’d pull a Mommy Dearest and make her give it away to someone who would probably sell it in order to put food in a younger sibling’s mouth.


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