Stream of consciousness movie recommendations

Today is Jackie O’s birthday, which immediately makes me think of Parker Posey’s performance in The House of Yes.  Which leads me to wonder how many people have a) seen this movie, b) how many of those people actually liked it, and c) if any of those people liked it for the same reason that I did.  Which was for Posey’s portrayal of a slightly insane young woman who thought she was Jackie O., and especially the bit about elbow macaroni. Parker Posey is awesome, isn’t she?  I once fostered two cats that I named Parker and Posey, that’s how much of a super fan I am.  I did not mean to say that out loud, but it’s a fact.  Know who else is awesome?  Chris Eccleston.  Especially in Shallow Grave, probably one of my all time favorite movies EVER.  Not so awesome when he was on that piece of crap show Heros.  But he was also Dr. Who, so that more than makes up for his lack of judgment.  In my opinion.  Thinking of actors on poc shows leads me directly to Anne Heche.  She was in Walking and Talking.  Which also starred Catherine the Great, aka Catherine Keener.  Oh wait, weren’t they both in If These Walls Could Talk, the abortion one?  Pretty good for an HBO movie, but not as good as And the Band Played On.  Was The Twilight of the Golds by HBO?  I don’t remember, but it did star Jennifer Beals.  I loved her in Anniversary Party.  The main character was played by Jennifer Jason Leigh.  How many of my favorite movies has she been in?  Hmmm, there’s Georgia, The Machinist, Short Cuts…but back to Catherine.  Loved her in Your Friends & Neighbors.  That was by LaBute.  I think my favorite LaBute movie has got to be In the Company of Men.  Absolutely.  Aaron Eckhart at his finest, although he was also pretty good in Thank You for Smoking.  Ahhh, movies about narcissistic womanizers can be so refreshing.  Especially when they star Campbell Scott and Jesse Eisenberg.  Hello, Roger Dodger.  With Campbell Scott on the brain, we can’t leave out Singles, Saint Ralph, Big Night, Daytrippers, or The Secret Lives of Dentists.  Back to Jesse Eisenberg.  He was so good in The Squid and the Whale.  Who else was in that?  Laura Linney.  Not only does she know how to pronounce Knopff, she was also in that great little movie You Can Count on Me.  With Mark Ruffalo.  Wasn’t he good in We Don’t Live Here Anymore?  Yes, yes he was.  Hey, that also starred Peter Krause.  Is Six Feet Under really over? I’m still in denial.  I’m going off to sulk now.  Right after I update my Netflix queue.


2 thoughts on “Stream of consciousness movie recommendations

  1. UM YES!!!
    I am SO GLAD we met. I watched House of Yes with a friend in Berkeley and that Halloween she went as Parker Posey as Jackie O. The only crap part of that movie was Tori Spelling. The only other movie where Parker compared was Best in Show.

    And I couldn’t make it through Thank You for Smoking bc I read the book first and the book was laugh out loud hilarious and the movie doesn’t even compare. That led me on a crazy Christopher Buckley binge where I read almost everything he wrote.



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